The first two doses of the coronajid vaccine are due to be given by the end of March, with the final dose to be administered in June.

The US has been giving a two-dose vaccine to people who have not received a second dose of the vaccine.

The third dose is due to come into effect on July 1.

This will be the first time that US adults have been given the vaccine in one go.

The vaccine has not yet been administered in India, where the state of Maharashtra has been on a strict lockdown due to the coronivirus outbreak.

The state is also facing a spike in cases.

It has been reported that some of its doctors are refusing to treat patients because they fear the virus could infect their children.

The first doses of coronaviruses were developed by the British in the 1920s and 1940s.

The vaccines have been made available to all countries, including Australia, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, China and other Asian countries.

The coronaviral vaccines were first approved in the UK in 1986 and became widely available in the US in 1999.

The second vaccine, the quadrivalent, has now been made mandatory in the country.

The government of India said it will be giving the final doses to its 4 million people on July 4, which is on July 2.

India has been facing an acute coronavagic pandemic since March last year when it was declared a country of immediate threat.

It was declared in March, the coronovirus outbreak was declared nationwide in the early hours of March 8 and the country has seen more than 70,000 deaths.