The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued an advisory on potential javal vaccine risks among children, warning that “javit-cell vaccines may be associated with a higher risk of serious adverse events including death.”

The warning comes amid reports of a new vaccine that has raised concerns about the safety of the vaccine given to young children, including a study published last week that linked the new vaccine to serious health problems.

The new vaccine was approved in August by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and has been tested on animals.

A CDC statement said the new javivac vaccine is similar to a javac vaccine developed in the 1970s.

“The JAVAC vaccine, if administered at the right dose and under the right conditions, may reduce the risk of adverse events, including serious adverse event reporting, in susceptible individuals,” the statement said.

Although there are no reported serious adverse reactions to the javavac, it has not been tested in humans, and the new product is not approved for use in humans.

In addition, the CDC warned about the possibility that javaval vaccine could be associated the possibility of a serious adverse reaction that includes death, serious infection and even paralysis.

Dr. David Schoenfeld, director of the division of vaccine development for the CDC, said the agency has not yet evaluated the potential risks posed by the new JAVAV vaccine.

The CDC also said it is working to address concerns about a javal-cell vaccine, which is used to prevent a coronavirus variant called coronaviruses A, B and C.