Russia has asked the US government to scrap the Vons covids vaccine and allow parents to take their children’s vaccine if they have the flu, a health ministry official said on Thursday.

The ministry spokesman, Alexander Krivov, told reporters in Moscow that the ministry would provide an explanation on Friday, the Associated Press reported.

Krivov did not specify the vaccine but said the ministry had been in touch with health officials in the US and that Russia would also be seeking a response from the US in the matter.

He said the Russian ministry was looking at possible options to make vaccination more convenient.

Kovlev said that Vons vaccines were approved for use in Russia and would be distributed through the Russian health ministry’s network of clinics.

Russian health officials have warned that the Vials are not effective against the varicell coronavirus, which causes severe joint and muscle pain and is a leading cause of death in the United States.

Vons covills are administered through a nasal spray that is inserted into the nose, usually through a balloon.

It is administered by a nurse or doctor who delivers the nasal spray to a patient.

The vaccine has been available for the past decade in Russia for children aged 7 to 18, but was replaced in 2010 after it was found to cause severe joint pain and other side effects.

The US Food and Drug Administration approved Vons Covid vaccine in 2012 for use among children and adults over the age of 6.